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1. Select Theme 4. Edit Intro Content 7. Edit PopUp Pages 10. Save
2. Select Design 5. Edit Pages 8. Edit Image Gallery 11. Preview
3. Title, Slogan and Home content 6. Edit contact Page 9. Select Music 12. Publish


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Click on "Select Store Design" button shown.


Select "Store Design" from the Store Design Gallery and click on it.



What do our clients think of Sitecube Site Builder?


"Sitecube Site Builder"

"I am so happy I found Sitecube Site Builder! This happened on the same day I just purchased a "do it yourself" software package and a hosting plan that was not as easy as their name claimed. The more time I spent on trying to build the web pages the more time I was losing investing into my business.Then I found Sitecube and was so amazed how user friendly it is! It was definitely what I was looking for! And the best part was that I was able to transfer my domain and set up a site immediately in time for the holidays! Being able to have the freedom to edit when you need to saves you so much money. You don't need to pay anyone by the hour and there is free 24/7 help when needed! The best thing I can say about Sitecube is there customer service. The company has a great customer service team. They really care about their customers. I truly want to thank Site Cube. It is a dream to many new business owners to one day have their own website, and Sitecube makes that dream come true!."
— Karen Jenner

"Sitecube Site Builder is fabulous!"

"SiteCube Site builder is fabulous! We were able to produce an extremely high quality online video site using sitecube. Sitecube has really helped our business grow and expand. All our customers say our website is really great. We would always recommend sitecube. The online support is wonderful. It is patient, professional and has always solved our problems. Sitecube has given us a range of web style choices that made constructing our website really easy "
— Caroline Rowley
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