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  *How to use Rich Text Options?
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» See below for details about rich text options:
Sets the selected text to bold.
Sets the selected text to italic.
Underlines the selected text.
Left alignment.
Center alignment.
Right Alignment.
Sets the selected text as an ordered text.
Invokes the hyper link tool.
Invokes the special characters tool.
10 Sets the font size on the selected text.

7. Unordered List:
Place the insertion point where you want to add a list, then do one of the following
Select Text, List and select the list--Unordered (bulleted) List.

8. Hyperlink:
Select 'target' for a location in which to open the document.

To make the linked document appear somewhere other than in the current window, select an option from the Target menu in the URL:

  • _blank loads the linked document in a new browser window.
  • _parent loads the linked document in the parent window of the frame that contains the link. If the frame containing the link is not nested, then the linked document loads in the full browser window.
  • _self loads the linked document in the same frame or window as the link. This target is the default, so you usually don't have to specify it.
  • _top loads the linked document in the full browser window, thereby removing all frames.

Color Picker::

Just click on color picker icon, then you can select any color from the color table and click on it.
If you want more colors instead of color pallete colors, simply enter or type the color code.
for eg: "#CCCCCC"(GRAY COLOR) this is your code, then see above color picker(pallet) with selected color code "#3399CC".
Now just replace your code (#cccccc) into color pallete.

Before applying any rich text options you need to select the text first.

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