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1. Select Theme 4. Edit Intro Content 7. Edit PopUp Pages 10. Save
2. Select Design 5. Edit Pages 8. Edit Image Gallery 11. Preview
3. Title, Slogan and Home content 6. Edit contact Page 9. Select Music 12. Publish


Edit store gallery  Help Contents
  Store title
  Select total products
  Category title
  Click on the Product

Add Store title and Select total categories(Maximum of 10).


Select total products(Maximum of 24) for category 1. Do the same for all categories.


Add title
for category 1. Do the same for all categories.


Double Click on the product button, to edit product content.



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"It's simply the most wonderful Site Builder I've ever used."

"I can sum up my experience with Sitecube Site Builder in one word- "Wonderful". Sitecube is easily the cheapest web builder website out there. I found that the options for my website were innumerable. I could build a look that I loved and not spend a million dollars. I could showcase what's important to me and not spend hours doing it. It's simply the most wonderful web builder I've ever used. I've recommended people to your company and they've joined because they've been so impressed. Keep up the good work!"
— sarah longson

"SiteCube Site builder has done great!"

"Since I am a professional photographer, I wanted a website where our work would look it's best. I think that SiteCube's Site builder has done that! I like how I can easily add new photographs whenever I want. I think my website will constantly be a work in progress. Thank you SiteCube for making this process so easy!"
— Dean Hansen
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