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1. Select Theme 4. Edit Intro Content 7. Edit PopUp Pages 10. Edit Store
2. Select Design 5. Edit Pages 8. Edit Image Gallery 11. Video-Mp3 Player
3. Title, Slogan and Home content 6. Edit contact Page 9. Select Music 12. Greetings
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Edit Intro Content  Help Contents
  Select the number of intro screens
  Edit Intro Screen 1
  Edit All Screens

Click 'Edit Intro Content' button shown.


Select total intro screens(maximum screens 10).


Edit Intro Screen 1

Click 'Screen 1'
Add your intro content and select intro screen wait, Then click 'Close'.


Edit all remaining Intro Screens like 'Screen 1'.

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What do our clients think of Sitecube Website Builder?


"SiteCube's website builder is by far the most straight forward and easily used."

"I downloaded various trial versions of website builders and tried them all! SiteCube's website builder is by far the most straight forward and easily used. It offers a huge selection of design possibilities including uploading your own graphics for a unique home page. There are so many features available. Flash design is a basic function of SiteCube. You can add video and music clips to your site with a minimal upgrade. SiteCube was immediately responsive the few times I needed answers to questions. The price is unbelievably low for the features provided. It's a winner and provided me with just what I was looking for, an easily built, good looking website, with changeable design features, as close as the click of your mouse. Thanks!"
— Pam Hearne
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