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Edit contact page  Help Contents
  Click 'Edit Contact Page'
  Click 'Contact'
  Click 'Map Info'



Click 'Edit Contact Page' button shown.


Click on
And provide your contact information in order to as shown in Contact Form.


Click on Map Info as shown in the picture.


Fill in the information on 'Contact Information' form for Map Info.
Then click on 'Save and Preview!' to see the Map.

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"I first found out about SiteCube by viewing someone's else's website and I loved it. It was professional and fun. I tried the trial run of the site for ten days and was pleased. This website builder is for a novice even at computers. The online support always answered my questions effectively. I felt confident about building my site with the application and instructions provided and I am very satisfied by the results. All my friends and even partners with us have raved about how professional and easy to use the site has been for them. They have also mentioned that it looks better than some of those that cost thousands of dollars to build. I feel that SiteCube was a good investment for In Right Standing and business is all about making the right investments with the right people..."
— Jada Cofield
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