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sitecube website builder help!

The incredibly easy Site Builder Help:

Please follow the step by step instructions below for a complete understanding of how the website builder works.


Start website builder

  Create new site
  Edit site
*'Create new site' this is the option(Step 1) to CREATE NEW SITE.
If you would like to do any modifications/additions click on "EDIT SITE" to edit your existing site .

Select Theme  
  Theme Gallery
  My Themes*
  Upload Theme
  No Theme
  Gallery Hide
Edit PopUp pages  
  Select total Pop up Pages
  Add Text and Images to selected Pop Up Pages
Select Design  
  Click 'Select design' button shown
  Design Gallery
  Gallery Hide
Edit Image Gallery  
  Click 'Edit image Gallery' button shown
  Select Total Image galleries
  Select 'Total images'
  Click on image to invoke image selection tool.
  Edit Image Text
Title, Slogan and Home content  
  Title & Slogan
  Welcome Msg
  Home text
  Home Video
  Add logo
Select Music  
  Music Gallery
  My Music
  No music
Edit Intro content  
  Edit Intro Screen 1
  Edit All Screens
Edit Store  
  Click Edit Store
  Store Settings ( select Total Products )  
  Total Products
  Add Title
  Edit Product Content
  Store Image/Video Upload  
  Add/change Product Video
  Store Gallery  
Edit Pages  
  Select Total Pages
  Select Main Page1
  Select Total Sub pages for Main Page1
  Editing Main Page1
  Main Page Images
  Select Image from Image gallery
  My Images  
  Images Upload to upload your own image
  Edit Sub Pages of Main Page1
Video & MP3 Player  
  Audio-Video Player Gallery
  Upload Video/Mp3

  Greeting Gallery
  Show Greeting
Edit Contact Page  
  Click 'Edit Contact Page'
  Click 'Contact'
  Click 'Map Info'
  Default Content
  Advanced Default Content
  Change Preloader
  Preloader Gallery
  Tell A Friend
  Configure the form for Tell A Friend
  Editing Testimonials
  Upload Files
  Web Storage


  *Additional Help Queries! - Watch Video's
Edit Image
Convert Video to Flv
Content - Proper Visible
Add Link to Text
Add Email Link

  *Most Important Buttons
  Save (Please click on 'save' frequently to save your site process.)
  Preview (Please save the Project before Previewing your project.)
  Publish your project.
  *Most Common(Repeated) options in builder!
  'Gallery Hide' you can hide the tool through this option in the builder.(In this state you can view menu titles only.)
  'Gallery Show' with this you can reset the tool to normal view.
  'Drag' you can drag the tool to anywhere in the builder by clicking and dragging here.
  'Close' Click this button to close the tool.
  '>' button is for Next and '<' is for Back
  'Drag' Just click this button to drag.


What do our clients think of Sitecube Website Builder?


"what I was looking for in a website builder..."

"SiteCube was exactly what I was looking for in a website builder. Easy to use, flexible and very very cool! All my friends are impressed with the quality of the site. Thanks for the opportunity to have a professional presence on the web at an affordable price."
— Jamil
sitecube website builder
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