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Mobile App Builder FAQ's!

1. What is SiteCube App Builder?

SiteCube App Builder is a simple, inexpensive way to build, track and update a native mobile application for your business or organization.

2. What does SiteCube App Builder do?

SiteCube App builder allows you to create an iPhone and/or Android application online. Once your app is available for download via the iTunes Store or Android Market, you can update your content in real time.

3. What’s the difference between a SiteCube app and a mobile website?

SiteCube App are installed on iOS and Android devices and run natively. Many of the functions available through our platform provide a better user experience than websites accessed via mobile browsers. SiteCube App platform also relies on a content management system (CMS) that we’ve built and will maintain, leaving you without the technical hassle of maintaining your own mobile website.

4. As a business owner, how can a mobile app help me?

A mobile app can provide a powerful connection between your business or organization and your clients, supporters, or audience. A mobile app extends the reach of your brand via a platform that is accessible to users wherever they are.

5. What about iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone?

The SiteCube App platform is currently iOS and Android only. That means the apps built through SiteCube App work on iPhones, iPod Touch devices, iPads, and most Android devices. Certain functions on the apps built through SiteCube App require an internet or mobile data connection.

6. What are Apple’s criteria for approving apps? Will Apple approve my app?

Apple’s criteria for approval constantly evolve. In general, Apple approves apps that use in-app features to create a more impressive user experience than websites as viewed from the iPhone. The best guide to Apple’s iPhone app policies is its iPhone Human Interface Guidelines.

We cannot guarantee that Apple will approve your app, just as we cannot be certain (assuming your content is intact and accessible) that they will reject it.

To help increase your chances of Apple approval, we recommend:

  • Including a diversity of function types, specifically including many of the advanced functions offered through SiteCube App.
  • Providing content that is valuable and current, and provides users with utility or entertainment that extends beyond pure and uninterrupted advertising.
  • Uploading as much content as possible to the app prior to submitting to SiteCube App

7. Is there an Android approval process?

No. As long as Android apps meet the Android Content Guidelines they can be published without any approval process or Google review.

8. Why Do I have to create An iOS Developer Account?

Apple recently notified us of a policy change and is now requiring a unique iOS Developer Account for each individual or organization submitting apps to the App Store. Because of this, we will no longer be able to administer our clients' apps through the SiteCube App Developer Account. Each customer must set up an iOS Developer Account, with a $99 annual fee paid directly to Apple.

9. How Do I Set Up My iOS Developer Account?

To set up your iOS Developer Account: First, you should register as an Apple Developer on Apple's website and fill out all necessary information about your company or organization.

10. Can I customize my app’s look and feel?

Yes, you can upload your own images for use as button icons and backgrounds. Background images must be 320 (width) x 460 (height) pixels in PNG format. Button images must be 100 (width) x 80 (height) pixels in PNG format.

11. How long will it take for my app to appear on the iTunes App Store and/or Android Market?

Within 3 business days of receiving payment for your submitted app, we will build and test your app. If you purchase an iPhone app, you will need to send us the username and password for your iOS Developer Account. Once all concerns are addressed, we prepare the app for the App Store and/or Android Market. Apple takes up to 2 weeks to review your app. Once Apple approves the app, it becomes available for download via the App Store within 24 hours. Android apps are available within 24 hours of submitting to the Android Market.

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