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SiteCube has been awesome, I could create a website for my daughter.

SiteCube has been a blast! I used another web builder and quite simply grew out of it. The Flashes were getting dated and it just wasn't taking my site to the next level. When I found SiteCube, I got so many compliments on my site, that they think I must have gone to computer school. SiteCube has been awesome, I even created another website for my daughter's business and she too is being asked, who did your site? Thanks SiteCube. It's been really fun, easy, user friendly and the customer support is unparalleled!

Michael Woodruff

It's fast. It's easy. It's thoroughly professional.

After months of trying to create my website with inferior systems and on the hunt, I accidentally found SiteCube. I used your free trial and had my site created in less than a week. I shifted everything to SiteCube, domain management, email, the works. You run a fantastic business. There are so many awful programs out there, the ones that are vaguely professional are exorbitant, the cheap ones pure torture. The SiteCube setting up was ultra-simple and clear, the quality - top flight. Your technical support people are a dream. The frustration of working with other site builders is like nothing imaginable, they're sloppy and uninformed, their bad advice to a novice can costs hours and days of reworking. The SiteCube people consistently stay on hand until problems are solved. In one of my first on-line chats you identified and corrected a "design flaw" on the form I'd chosen while I was on line! What a reliable resource you are. Nothing ever drops out of sight, alters position, fails to load. I think one of my favorite features is that I can continually make changes, and publish new material in less than a minute whenever I choose. No extra charges, and fabulous things like the store and video included in one basic price. You've made it affordable. I'm an artist and writer, with hundreds of pictures in my galleries and samples of my books. There's still room for more! Every comment on The Hawks Perch starts with WOW. The log check system you provide is also excellent. Thanks for providing such a fantastic product and so many inventive designs to choose. It's fast. It's easy. It's thoroughly professional. Best of all, everything works!


I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create a professional website without the professional fees.

Sitecube was exactly what I was looking for in a website builder. It took all the drudgery out of creating the site and made it fun. It had every feature I needed. When I was not sure about how something worked I called support and they were able to give me immediate help. Fantastic idea and very affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a professional site without the professional fees.
Elizabeth Reese