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Cosmic Territory, Inc.

About Cosmic Territory, Inc.:

Cosmic Territory, Inc. is a real estate company that has laid legal claim to thousands of pieces of real estate throughout the universe, some of which are currently for sale. Unlike other companies that offer novelty items, we sell actual legal deeds. Upon purchase, you (or whoever you purchase the real estate deed for) will be listed in our database as the sole owner of your real estate, be it a moon, star, or entire galaxy. Furthermore, because Cosmic Territory Inc. holds sole legal possession of these bodies, the transfer of ownership to you makes you the legal owner of these properties, as established by the 1967 Space Treaty.

About SiteCube:

The SiteCube Website Builder is a fantastic tool for creating professional websites. It is easy to use, fun, and I would be lost without it. The sites I have made using the software are a major reason for the success of my online businesses.

Jon Gentile-Bales



I am the President of Dixie Springs, a 1400 lot development in Southern Utah. Phase I of this development was completed in 2007 and Phase II is currently preparing for development.

About SiteCube:

We think it is an effective tool and have had numerous positive comments and remarks of impressed viewers.

About SiteCube:

Huge fan. SiteCube has helped my business immensely.

Dorothy Jolley