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Below Are Some Of The Church Sites Built With Sitecube Site Builder:

Women and Men Uplifting Ministries, International

About Women and Men Uplifting Ministries, International:

Women Uplifting Women and Women and Men Uplifting Ministries, International is an organization that truly cares about people. We reach out to those who have lost their way, those who cannot seem to release the pain, we offer love and solutions. We are a Christian organization and have based our organization on the principles of Jesus Christ and that is love or neighbor as ourselves.

We believe that we must reach back and pull someone up so that we can all rise together. This organization believes in peace and every man is our brother and every woman is our sister. If there is a need, we are there.

About SiteCube:

I am absolutely amazed at what I have been able to do with this program relatively easy. The other good thing is that whenever night or day I have connected to the "Chat" there has been someone there to help me.

Through this Sitecube Website Builder I have reached people all over the world and am delighted in the results. I thank God for giving someone the wisdom to put this all together at such a reasonable price. Just take a look at my site and know that I did it all by myself with ease. Thank you SiteCube.

Dr. Addie S. Robb

New Vision Church

About New Vision Church:

We are a non-denominational church that operates a community center. We offer after school programs to help kids with homework and lots of community self-help classes. Our website is used to help people in our community connect with our programs.

About SiteCube:

I think it is great. I tell other pastors to use it for there site all the time.


The Historic African Orthodox Church Inc.

About The Historic African Orthodox Church Inc.:

We are the first Orthodox Church formed in the United States for people of color. We were founded by Archbishop Alexander McGuire.

The purpose of the website is more so informational. However, we will be adding a book store and Orthodox Catholic Mall in the near future.

About SiteCube:

I think that the SiteCube Website Builder is an outstanding tool and resource. I recommend its service to everyone thinking about building a quality web presence.
Lester Ealey —

Circle City Pentecostals of Indianapolis

About Circle City Pentecostals of Indianapolis:

To reach the GLBT community in the area

About SiteCube:

We are loving sitecube!! It is so easy to use and looks great. We are consistently getting compliments from others in our organization that our website is one of the best they have seen. Sitecube is great!

Circle City Pentecostals

New Beginning Temple of Praise

About New Beginning Temple of Praise:

We are a new, thriving inner city church served the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We offer a variety of programs for the youth, homeless, job seekers and others. This website is to allow people to connect with the ministry from all over the world. It tells our members and friends about our events and opportunities they have to partner with us.

About SiteCube:

I think it a wonderful, extremely useful tool for creating a high impact, professional website that generates rave reviews!

McCoy Hayes

Glorious Life Christian Center

About Glorious Life Christian Center:

Our mission is to bring life to those who are lost and without hope by ministering the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. You can expect the best in this life, and we want to show you how to reach your full potential in God. It is our sincere desire that you receive all of God’s blessing in this life.

About SiteCube:

Site Cube is an affordable and easy site alternative for growing organizations such as ours. It has been a great experience!